Welcome to GreenMiniatures!

Who we are?

Greenminiatures is a Polish company that produces and sells figurines, dioramas and vehicles for miniature games 1:72 or 20 mm.

Our company has set itself the goal of popularizing strategic games as well as supporting and developing our clients’ hobby environment.

At the beginning, we created a simple system to play skirmishes in the years 1914-1920. It is intended not only to play, but also as a tool for learning and interest in the history of armed conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century of all players.

Our models are made by hand or made in 3D technology. One of the most important criteria we have set ourselves is the high quality of the products manufactured by us. Only such models can reach you, our clients.

Have a good time with your hobby and our products.

Thank you for choosing Greenminiatures