We are small tabletop company from Poland

We are small tabletop company from Poland.
Creators of Mad Cars – line of post apocalyptic bits and minis.

High quality materials

Precision design

Great detail

Meet our team

We are team of enthusiasts, doing everything we can to fullfill the players experience.
Top-notch quality, customer-friendly attitude and solidity are ours identification marks.


Main originator, 3D artist, rules author, paperman, storekeeper, postman etc. Boss of whole team and one of greenminiatures founders. One man army.


Main developer, graphic designer, character visioner, hand sculptor and 3D artist. Head of productionand technological processes.


Graphic designer, cartoonist. Young but talented. She’s suporting us in creative work.



Master of model casting, specialist in printing 3D models. A keen historian and passionate. Greenmniatures production frame.